Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Random Loves: Toned Up, Funfetti Cookies, Pull Toys & Happy

I had fun putting together last week’s post on random things I’m loving, so I wanted to share a few more things both Lindsey & I have been loving lately. 

[via Tone It Up]
Toned Up: Is anyone else watching this on Bravo?! When I heard the Tone It Up girls were getting their own show, I knew I had to check it out. I first heard of them when I was trying to lose the baby weight after Raegan was born. The Tone It Up girls offer free (!) targeted & quick workout videos online, healthy recipes and have a huge following of people looking to get healthy and fit. I love that they are totally unconventional when it comes to their business, and it’s working for them. They seem like they have a ton of fun doing what they too, which is pretty inspiring. 

Softbatch Funfetti Sugar Cookies [via Avery Cooks]

Funfetti Cookies: I might be living under a rock, but I just came across these cookies on Pinterest and can’t wait to try them. They are such pretty cookies and I just know Raegan will love them! I think we may try these for Valentine’s Day. Any excuse to test out a new cookie recipe! ;) Here’s the recipe, from Averie Cooks blog, if you want to try them too. 

[Dancing Alligator via Amazon]
Raegan pulling Allie
Pull Toys: When I was younger I loved to pull a wooden lady bug all around the house. Like mother like daughter, because whenever Raegan visits Auntie Lindsey’s house, she always find Jena’s zebra pull toy & pulls it around and around their house. Alex saw how much Raegan loved the pull toy, that he bought an alligator for her & she loves it! Whenever Allie falls on his side, Raegan yells "uh oh" and fixes him! Such a simple and cute toy that she loves pulling from room to room. 

Stickers: Raegan has a new obsession with stickers, more specifically sticking them all over my face! I’ve also been finding them all over the house —on the bottom of my slippers, on the table, on the carpet, on the dog! Lindsey has also been using them as incentive for Jena’s potty training & said they’ve worked great because Jena feels so proud when she gets one! 

Happy: Lindsey introduced me to this song and ever since I’ve been obsessed. It always puts me in a good mood every time I hear it! Listen & watch Pharrell Williams’ Happy song on YouTube here and I guarantee it will make you happy! :) 

Happy Wednesday! 

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