Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Favorite Board Books

Both Raegan and Jena love books (I'm sure Jayden will too in a few months!) and Lindsey & I especially like board books since it's pretty impossible for them to tear the pages out. They're the perfect size to stuff in your diaper bag for an emergency distraction, and most are just the right length to (most of the time) keep our girls' tiny attention spans until the end.

Raegan's board book collection keeps growing & growing, but she still has her go-to favorites that she always pulls out of the bookshelf and brings to us. 

Here are a few of our favorites:

Haiku Baby is one I bought on a whim off Amazon and Raegan loves it. There's a tiny bird on each page that she points out and I love that it gives her an intro to seasons and weather. 

Alice in Wonderland is a BabyLit book that we love! It tells the story mostly through it's pretty illustrations and one word at a time. It's fun because then you can tell the story in your own words. The Cinderella board book is the same concept, with few words telling the classic fairy tale. 

The Sesame Street Beginnings books where a gift from my aunt and immediately Raegan loved them. Plus they're educational and I think really helped Raegan learn some of her body parts, like nose and fingers super fast.

You Are My Cupcake was one of the first books I bought Raegan. It's a sweet book with cute little nicknames for your little one. This is always Jena's go-to book when she's at our house. She likes to pretend to pick off the sprinkles and put them in her mouth! Now she happily has her own copy at home! :)
Both Lindsey & I have some of the Sandra Boynton board books. They're funny and teach the kiddos something. Win win. 

Goodnight Moon is a classic that I'm sure many of you have. It has also become a favorite of Raegan's, she hands it to me and says "nigh" (night). So cute! She's also obsessed with kitties so she points out the kitties every time. 

My First Colors is one of Jena's favorites and it's a super helpful book to help kiddos learn colors. Each page shows small photos of items, all the same color. 

Wynken Blynken And Nod is one neither Lindsey or I had heard of, but one of Lindsey's friends said it was a favorite. And now it's also one of Jena's favorites!

What are some of your favorite board books?
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