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A little bit about Home Style Love: 
We love finding and supporting small businesses, learning about them and how they got started. So here, goes, here’s our story:

Lindsey and I both love interior design (we actually both majored in interior design in college), love mixing and matching fabrics and getting creative with our living spaces. We’re both stay-at-home mamas (Lindsey also goes to school part-time) and both have been antsy to do something creative while taking care of our kiddos. We brainstormed and came up with the idea of putting our creativity, design background, and sewing skills to good use by making pillows.

A few things that I noticed while looking for pillows online for my own home, is that there aren’t a lot of affordable & fun pillows out there. There are a ton of fun, trendy, bright pillows that I would love to take home with me, but there’s no way I could justify spending $50+ on one pillow cover. So, we decided that our pillows have to be affordable. We want people who are on tighter budgets (like we are!) to be able to afford our pillows.

Both our husbands always laugh at us because we are always saying “fun pillows.” We both agree that rooms can be spruced up with some fun pillows. To us, fun pillows can be a pattern, a bright color, a shape, just something that makes a pop on a bed, couch, chair, outside or even on the floor. 

We also want our pillows to be versatile. Many of our pillows in our launch line (!) work well together. That was important to us, since sometimes people love one pillow pattern but have a hard time visualizing how it might work with other patterns or colors. We love mixing and matching patterns and colors and had so much fun coming up with this first pillow lineup! 

That’s our Home Style Love pillow business, in a nutshell. If you have any other questions about us or our pillows, please let us know and we’ll be happy to answer! 

Thanks for looking and shopping! We'd love to hear what you think!

Lauren & Lindsey

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