Thursday, February 27, 2014

A Mini House Tour // A Few Favorite Areas of Our Home

Yesterday the house was clean and I had a few minutes to light a candle, read a magazine and relax on the couch with a blanket while Raegan was with her grandma for the day. It was amazing! When the house is clean and toys are put away, I really love our home. In the last six months we have really turned this house into a home and both Alex and I really love how it's looking and feeling. 

I haven't shared photos of our living room since this post before we put the hardwood floors in and I'm not ready to share the whole room just yet (!) (we're still waiting on some art pieces and I'll be making some pillows) but here are some areas of the house that currently make me smile, especially when they're clean, until Hurricane Raegan comes through. ;)

This is Raegan's creative area with her Ikea chalkboard table and some of her artwork on display. We have a little Picasso on our hands! ;)

Our (huge) cat being lazy on our new Turkish kilim rug.

I am in love with these monkey prints. They're so fun!

A desk my grandpa made and guitars on the wall. :)

A bunch of my favorite cookbooks.

 Our master bedroom. I am loving the colors and patterns going on in here. I can't wait to work on this room. Plus there's just something about a made bed. I think I'm more productive on mornings when I make the bed!

 Hope you liked this mini tour of our house. I will be sharing more soon!

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