Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Ikea Hack: Kid's Chalkboard Table Top With Pink-Dipped Legs

For Raegan's first birthday, I wanted to give her something other than toys and clothes. Something useful, fun and personalized. Thanks to my Pinterest addiction(!) I saw a bunch of ideas for customizing a children's Ikea table and chairs. We decided to paint the table and chairs, use chalk paint on the table top and pick a bright color to dip the table and chair legs. 

I fell in love with the idea that Raegan could have a little spot in the house all her own where she could sit and be creative. For now, the table is mostly filled with doodles drawn by me and occasional scribbles by Raegan, but I hope someday soon she'll use it to draw, doodle and learn. Until then, she loves climbing up onto the table top and carrying the chalk all around the house ;)

The project was quick and easy — it only took one weekend. The hardest part was picking the paint and waiting for it to dry before letting Raegan use it. 

Here's how we did it:

The paint: For the table and chairs, we chose this white spray paint and primer in semi-gloss. The chalk we chose was this Rust-Oleum chalk board paint in black. I found it had the best reviews and is easy to clean. The dip color (chosen by Raegan herself!) is Behr semi-gloss in exotic bloom

1. We bought this Ikea white pine children's table and chair set

2. Before putting it together, we spray painted all of the table and chair parts white that would show. This took a couple coats. I wish I had taken a photo of this step since Alex created a creative contraption using cut up hangers to dangle the parts from our garage door while they dried. 

3. While Alex sprayed, I painted the table top with the chalk board paint. I think I painted it three times, waiting for it to dry in between coats. 

4. Once the spray painted parts were dry and fully covered in white, we dipped each leg into the actual paint tin (the exotic bloom color), about three inches up. While the parts hung to dry, we had quite a bit of drips, so make sure you put a cloth underneath. I love that the dipped legs are each a little different. 

5. Once everything is dry, put it all together! 

Now that Raegan has been using it for a while now, the one thing I've noticed is that the white chairs and table rim are constantly getting colored chalk marks. I do really like the clean look of the white though and it is pretty easy to clean. An easy fix could be to only use white chalk ;)

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