Sunday, February 23, 2014

Baby Bump: 13 Weeks with Baby #2

So I have decided to jump on this baby bump post bandwagon and share my cravings, symptoms & all the fun things that come along with being pregnant! ;) I took weekly bump photos when I was pregnant with Raegan, so I plan on continuing again with this baby. I think it will also be fun to compare my bumps!

Baby #2 is due in early September and the two kiddos will be about 22 months apart. With Ragean, we didn’t find out the sex, so we were completely surprised when I gave birth to a little girl, since all bets were on a boy. We had boy and girl names picked out & I decorated the nursery in a gender neutral modern safari theme. We will find out the sex this time & I am already so anxious to find out if Raegan will have a little sister or brother!

13 weeks & craving Cheetos!

How far along: 13 weeks 
Baby’s estimated arrival: Early September, in about 27 weeks!
Wearing: My regular clothes still fit, although I’ve been wearing mostly looser shirts since I’m at the phase where people probably wonder if I’m pregnant or if I’ve just scarfed down too many cookies. My little bump is most likely a combination of both right now ;)
Craving: Special K cereal, strawberries and really healthy things like Doritos & Cheetos, chocolate chip pancakes and pad Thai
Symptoms: Feeling pretty good! The first few weeks I found out I was pregnant, I was exhausted and going to bed around 8:30! I’m happy to have some energy back & even happier that I have yet to have any nausea (knock on wood!). I have been having some congestion at night, which has been the worst part of this pregnancy so far.
Favorite moment: We got to see baby and hear the heartbeat a couple weeks ago, which is always awesome and reassuring. He/she was super wiggly and gave us a little wave! I think he/she was woken up by big sister’s screams when the nurse started touching my belly. We have a protective little monkey on our hands! ;)
Belly button: In!
Wedding ring: On!
How is dad feeling? Alex is super excited about baby #2 but I don’t think it has officially hit him yet that we’re about seven months away from meeting this little person. He was the same way with R and I think once he starts feeling baby kicks, he’ll get even more excited!

It's hard to see in this photo, but I feel like I'm showing way more than I did with Raegan. The photo on the left is me at 15 weeks with Raegan (we didn't start taking weekly bump photos until then). 

I may not post weekly bump updates on here, but will on Instagram if you want to follow along!

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