Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Our Backyard Makeover!

A couple weeks ago I shared a couple photos of our backyard during our big makeover and I’m so excited to say that it’s mostly done now! 

Here it is now!

The view from our back door.

This was once the "clump" 
There are still a few things left to do — stain the adarondack chairs, paint the fence, build a built-in area for the barbecue, plant some more plants ... — but for now it’s “done” and we are so happy with how it all turned out! 

I won’t bore you with everything we did, but it was a lot! It’s a completely different backyard now. It’s a useable backyard now. And it’s also a really fun and relaxing backyard now. Raegan can actually run around and be fairly safe, and that was our No. 1 goal. 

I’m so proud of all of the hard work Alex put in, he worked his butt off!

We've really enjoyed the backyard after Raegan goes to bed. Sometimes Alex will light the fire pit, we'll grab blankets and a pillow and lay in the hammock watching something on the laptop. It's pretty awesome to be able to enjoy our yard like that. We've also been grilling up dinner a lot lately, mostly veggies and shrimp or burgers. We're getting a lot of use out of it already!

It makes me excited for more days and nights enjoying our backyard! 

I have some fabric that I'm going to turn into outdoor pillows for our hammock and chairs, I'd like to get some hanging plants and add lighting around the barbecue as some of the finishing touches. I can't wait to share more when all the little details come together! 

Here are a bunch of before and during demo photos: 
We had no grass out back, just a "clump" of random plants and a bunch of brick and cement walkways.
The view from the other side. We extended the retaining wall to the edge of the planter (to the left)

Removed the "clump" and broke up the cement.

We extended the retaining wall and had to fill the pit in with cement and a ton of dirt. 

Preparing drainage and sprinkles for our soon-to-be grass!

Brick area for the barbecue

Just before the grass went in.

And a few more current/after photos:

The view from the barbecue.


  1. What a transformation! I am enjoying your new blog!

    1. Thank you Jessica! It is a completely different backyard! Glad you're enjoying the blog :)


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