Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Outdoor Living Inspiration & Ideas

I have been thinking a lot about outdoor living lately and how to make our backyard more kid friendly and fun. 

The last couple weeks, Alex and I (mostly Alex) have been busy giving our backyard a makeover! I will be sharing before and after photos soon (we're putting sod in this weekend!) but here's a little peek at some of the progress. 

This was taken during demo, it was a mess!

This was taken almost at the same spot, a couple feet back, and will soon be grass! Such a big change! 

It has been a lot of work but we know it will totally be worth it! Raegan will have a place to play and we will have a place to relax, all summer long! :) 

Since we're in the middle of a backyard makeover, I've been pinning a bunch of ideas and thought it would be fun to share some really fun and beautiful backyards. One of my favorite places for inspiration lately has been Home Depot's Patio Style Challenge. They invite a bunch of bloggers to give their backyard a makeover, with the help of a gift card and patio furniture set. It's fun to see how each blogger transforms their space into something stylish and useable. Here are some of my favorites:
Isn't this structure they built cool? Kind of makes an outdoor room. [via Lesley Graham's makeover]
I also love this table for outdoor storage or a bar area [via Lesley Graham's makeover]
I love Joni from Lay Baby Lay's design, especially these pink and white pillows she created with the help of her kiddos. [Image via Home Depot Patio Style Challenge]

And some inspiration not from the Patio Style Challenge:
I love so many aspects of this space — the planter boxes, overhang, the crisp white cushions — beautiful and classic! [via Style at Home]
I love this bar seating [via HGTV]
I think this built-in barbecue area is such a great use of space [via Eric Olsen Design]

You have to check out the before photos of this backyard, it's an amazing transformation and inspiring! [via The Hand Made Home blog]


  1. I think you are well on your way to a patio like the last picture (from These ideas are inspiring me to get some fun lighting in my backyard space!

    1. Thanks Anna! We can't wait for it to be done! I love our sting lights, they're from Target and are so pretty when we're outside at night.


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