Thursday, April 3, 2014

Random Loves: Fun Interior Design Links & Ideas

I came across a few fun design links and ideas that are too good not to share! 

[via 6th Street Design School blog]
One of my favorite bloggers, at 6th Street Design School, has a series this week that tells the story of a room. She’s an interior designer and is sharing the whole process from start to finish of what it takes to transform a room based on what her client wants and needs. It’s a really cool process, so many choices to make along the way — everything from fabrics and pillows to lamps, furniture and rugs — and I love seeing the finished product. You can start this week’s design series here and at the end of the week, Kirstin will share the reveal! You can check out her last design series here. Isn’t her design just gorgeous?! I love her style!

Anyone else watching American Dream Builders? I could do without some of the drama between the designers, but love seeing how each team creates a completely new home from top to bottom. The latest episode was filmed in Palm Springs and featured two mid-century modern homes. Mid-century modern is not my favorite design style, but I can definitely appreciate it. My favorite house was the red team’s white and bright living room, kitchen and the backyard was gorgeous. Which house/room was your favorite?!

I've been loving botanical prints lately because they are a simple way to add some colorful art to your wall. A little while ago I came across this flickr site with tons of free botanical prints available! Birds, plants, fruit, animals, butterflies — there are so many! I found a couple monkey prints, above, that I printed, framed and hung in our living room. I love them! Here are a couple ways others are showing off botanical prints too:

[via Lauren Liess website]
[via Dimples and Tangles blog]

The other day I was searching around online for some pillows and somehow came across Zara Home. Did you know Zara had a home collection?! I didn't, and was so pleasantly surprised with their fun selection! Some of the things are a little pricey, but mixed in are some affordable accessories. Here are a few of my favorites: 


  1. I love the room with the botanical prints, how effective!!! In a really large room that would look fantastic! xx

    1. I totally agree! Sometimes it's hard to figure out what to put on the walls in a large room, so a botanical collage would be perfect!


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